Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Xmas

I love the term merry "xmas." Anything that gets the religious "right" up in arms can't be all bad. OK, I admit it is a character defect, but I get a perverse pleasure at making people feel uncomfortable by challenging the arbitrary lines of myth and truth, right and wrong, black and white. There is a local group of so called Christians who are taking a perverse joy in calling a local atheist group and harassing them with christian greetings--you know. . ."Merry Christmas, it is my constitutional right to brow beat you with my religious beliefs, so don't hang up on me." One of the local yocal right wing radio hooligans was giving out phone numbers to the "Freedom from religion" group. The so called Christians were bombarding the number and pridefully telling of the guerrilla tactics--basically proving the point for the group--of calling the group and hassling them because they do not wish to be hassled by religious groups. I find it kind of humorous when "Christians" become the persecutors. Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson seemed to be extremely well versed at this type of activity. They must be very proud!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Joy and Sorrow

I have observed many moments in life where I can hold seeming opposing emotional responses at the same moment. From the mundane, to the profound, there are many that come to mind. Mundane can be as simple as losing a heated contest among friends. For example a fantasy football league: I am saddened by losing when coming so close, yet at the same time I am very happy to spend the time and energy competing with my friends. I can hold both feelings at the same time. We always have choices in the way we look at things. There does not have to be a right or a wrong way, but it generally takes an ability to look at something in more than one way for me to enjoy any kind of satisfaction or understanding as to what is really important in life.

The profound can vary from times when we overcome great difficulties and turn them into triumphs or even the ultimate life and death struggles where we lose loved ones in all kinds of situations. For example the alcoholic drug addict who overcomes his addiction to become a useful member of society. There is generally great destruction and heartbreak in the wake of an active addict or alcoholic. There is also much joy and happiness to be found in one who has passed through that abyss and is able to begin to repair the damage one has caused while under the influence. Many times that is a life long adventure. It can also be a fulfilling and worthwhile adventure.

This topic came to me from reading a post by Lightning about the child of a friend who died young in an auto accident where booze was involved. Parents had to bury their child. This is the ultimate sorrow, and perhaps the most difficult to find peace with. My brother died in 1988. He was a victim of his own actions. He jumped off the Cooper River Bridge. I remember getting the phone call from the chaplain of the Mt. Pleasant Police department. The words he used were meant to be comforting but they brought about the most violent reaction inside my body and soul. He was sorry to have to inform us. . . .there was no mistake. . .he was very sorry. My stomach tried to wrap itself around the stones that thudded into the cavern that opened. There was not enough oxygen in the room, and I my eyes bled so much water as if a river poured out from within. My father was across the table from me. I asked the man if he could possibly tell my father, because I did not know the words to use to tell him. He graciously agreed. . .

The next few days went by in a fog. People coming, going, calling, staying, crying, food being dropped off, relatives from out of town, neighbors, teachers, all reaching out to console, to soothe, to share in grief and help to make the journey through the sorrow. Fear, anger, resentment, confusion--all of these feelings battled to take the main seat within my being. But, somewhere inside I knew that this was forever. I would not see my brother again and there was not one thing that me or anyone else could do to reverse what he had done. What about my mother and father, what about his wife, his children. . . .what the fuck was he thinking?? That was not the point of view that I could let form my focus. I was not going to spend the rest of my life in a self pitiful miasma of anger, resentment and fear. This was not about me, and I was certainly not the only one affected by this.

After some consideration, the only way I saw out of it was to try to forgive. The prospect of forgiving was made a little more difficult by the fact that he could not come back and ask to be forgiven. This in itself was a kind of dilemma, but in the end, a valuable lesson. We all make mistakes. We all need to ask forgiveness and we all need to forgive at various points in life. They really go hand in hand--can't do one without the other. The old saying about there being good in the worst of us and bad in the best of us is true. We all have hurt some one at sometime, or done something that we were less than proud of for which we needed in the end to say we were sorry, and we needed to do something to make some sort of amend. It helps if the other person forgives, but it is not always possible. Sometimes they can't get by their own resentments or they are no longer around to forgive. In my case I had to forgive some one who could not ask to be forgiven. It was not for him. . .it was for me. I could not carry the burden of resentment, of embarrassment, fear, anger. . .whatever you want to call it, for the uncounted days of the rest of my life.

We, I, my family, were helped along by so many friends and loving well wishers. To this day this was the largest funeral I ever saw. It helped, and helps, me to remember how much I loved my brother. It helps to be grateful for the time we did get to spend together. . . to know how many others he touched. I began to search for some joy that I could take with me to help to lighten the load. There were other family members who were there, other friends who were there, to help me carry and even lighten my load.

It has been twenty years and, to greater and lesser extent and success, I have forgiven my brother. I miss him still, and tears are still shed. But there is so much more to the story. My brother was an alcoholic. He tried to get sober and made it for a small amount of time. He fell off of the wagon and went on a binge that was the precursor to the eventful day. We are of Anglo-Irish stock, and the alcohol gene runs deep in our roots. Mostly, we are functional - but alcoholics dot our pool. My father was an alcoholic. He spent his last 17 years on this earth sober, starting 2 months after my brother died. This was a direct result of my brother's actions. Tommy's death always weighed heavily on my father. There was a spring that was sprung that never came back, but he was able to put aside the sorrow and find some meaning and joy in his remaining days. When he died in 2005, it was at the end of a journey well traveled. I truly felt the sorrow of losing him. But even more I felt the pride and the joy and the gratitude of having had such a wonderful father. I did a lot of things in life to disappoint him, hurt him. . .at times I was not a very good person, much less good son. I always knew I was loved, and no matter what I had done, I was always forgiven.

I also had an uncle who was like a second father to us. He was a catholic priest, and one of the kindest, most generous and loving souls I ever knew. Upon reading, hearing, seeing some of the abusive acts that priests have committed, I almost feel like I was raised in a sheltered life. He was quick to speak for the poor, the under privileged, the sick, the old and the imprisoned. He wrote letters to the newspaper which invited people to look at the issues of poverty, humanity, racism, social justice. He got blasted on a regular basis by people who had opposing views- people who were made to feel uncomfortable by his invitation to look at those who are less fortunate as human beings-- just like us. I never once heard him say anything derogatory about
anyone who held an opposing view, and he never took the bate to attack anyone personally, no matter how ill they spoke of him. He was the glue that held us together.

I am truly greatful for these three men in my life. They are gone, and I miss them, but I can, and do hold joy in my heart for each of them. Each has taught me things that have helped make me who I am today. I am a lucky man--maybe the luckiest that ever lived.

Friday, December 11, 2009

BDR FF Playoffs

As a first time fantasy football player, I feel kind of lucky to have made the playoffs. I won a lot of close games--more than my share. The most memorable was the Monday night that New Orleans played Atlanta. New Orleans is my defense. With 36 seconds left on the clock Atlanta scored a touchdown and I was down by 1.5 points to my opponent. It should have been over for me. . . .However, the Falcons recovered the onside kick then threw an interception on the last play--2 points for me. Lucky bastard I win by .5 with no time left in the last game of the week.

Anyhow, I have a bye this week, and will prolly bow out in the first round of the playoffs next week. Not a problem though, if I do win, I'll crow like I deserved it. If I lose, I'll whine like the best of them. Either way, it has been a blast!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Still Old, no longer Undefeated

WooHoo!! I got crushed in Fantasy Football last week. My no one receiver was scratched before the game and I missed it. Duh! Then my number one running back went out with an injury in the first series. K Sarah, Sarah It was fun as hell to brag about being undefeated, somethig I can't do anymore. But. . .I am still old bitches!!! and there aint nobody can take that away from me- injury or not. Ha ha!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Congrats, Best Wishes, and Happy Nuptials

Our good friends, Ben and Joanne got married today. I want to be one of many who wish them the best of love and life. It has been my fine privilege to be able to get to know and be able to call these two fine people my friends. I had hoped to travel to IA for the celebration, however, I could not quite justify the expense as this has not been the best year, economically. My thoughts and hopes are there as they begin their wonderful journey together. Best wishes, my friends!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Old(er), but Undefeated

Since I last posted I have passed a couple of milestones. On September 14--I reached the ripe old age of 49. I never thought I would live that long. Man, there was a time in life when 49 wasn't old. . . not because it was not old, but because it wasn't even on the horizon after birthdays that I considered to be old. Then, there was the mythological age of 49: wisdom would have been attained; unmet desires and heartbreaks would no longer haunt the soul; pain would be a distant memory; the world would have long been conquered; and perfect balance in life and love would have been reached. How these mythological states where to be accomplished are even more cloudy now than they were then- and I don't even partake in the cloud enhancement program anymore. Anyhow, I am 49, alive, unburdened by fairy tale existence (other than being married to the most wonderful lady in the whole world), and not feeling nearly as old as I imagined a younger me would have suffered through.

Second, I have played in my first two Fantasy Football Games. I can say now--something I will never, ever (probably) be able to say about anything else in my life: I am undefeated. . . for life. Never in my life has anyone ever beat me in fantasy football. I may never, ever win another game (a fate I may have sealed by typing this), but as of today, I am undefeated, Bitches. Even tongue in cheek, that's kind of fun to say.

We had no tourney last week, and probably not this week either, since Ben and Jo are preparing for blissful nuptials. We will probably resume in October. Though, I will sign in for Friday night, just in case.

Tourney: Benjover
Place/time: FT 10 pm eastern
pw: talkinggoat
game: $1 rebuy

Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday night tourney: second installation

NAME: BenJover

TIME: 10:00 pm Eastern

PLACE: Full Tilt

GAME: 1 +1 rebuy (unlimited for 1st hour) w/ 1 addon

PW: Talkinggoat

Last weeks champion is none other than the Talking Goat himself, Mr. Julius Goat. Now, I have a question that I think every one is dying to know, but afraid to ask. Is Mr. Goat a Mountain Goat, or a Billy Goat?? I have no idea whether our clove hoofed friend will be joining us tonight to answer such questions, but please, stop by and see for yourself. Bring dollars, bring a smart ass attitude, bring curiosity, but mostly bring and take some fun. I have said before, and will say again, I suspect we will have anywhere from 5 to 15 people on any given Friday night, and probably no one will show up any given Friday of the month. No big deal either way.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Brain washing experiment

Kids, stay in school, help your peers to stay in school, take full advantage of your educational opportunities. Parents, tell your kids to go to school and take full advantage of your educational opportunities. Just checking to see if anyone is paying attention.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

BenJover: Inaugural Success

Friday Night was the inaugural Benjover. There were eight runners for a $1 rebuy format. The format was borrowed from my dear friend Kat. While I did not speak to her before ( an unintended slight to which I have sought to make amends), I have spoken to Kat since, and we shall continue for now. I do foresee rotating the format monthly. I would love to get a horse game and a razz game in there, a PLO8/ rebuy, maybe a Stud8. Hmmm, I will wait and see what those who play will want.

The initial winner: None other than the Julius Goat himself. Very nicely done, sir. Skidoo came in second, and Joanada came in third. We had a new runner, BMF420, who finished on the bubble. He fit right, with BuddyDank, Pushmonkey72, Turtle(iaatg) and yours truly. I didn't pull in any cash, but I pulled in some fun. ( ok, ok. . .I was surfing sights which shall remain un-named to fill the void, but we won't go there.) It was nice hanging out with friends on Friday night again.

Anyhow, the name of the game is:

PW: Talkinggoat
Time: 10pm Eastern, Friday nights.
Format (for now): $1 rebuy
Objective: Fun

Next months format: PLO8 (unless it is not)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A First

Yes! This is my very first attempt to participate in a fantasy sports league. (Well, if you don't include any BBT games--certainly a fantasy on my part, heh) That is right though.. . .no fantasy football, no fantasy baseball. . .oops I almost forgot. Hell I obviously forgot, I did sign up for a fantasy British Soccer League, but I gotta be honst, I aint got a clue there. Apologies to my good friend, Wes.

Anyhow, my first draft is tonight, and I might not even be there. I put a bunch of players over on my list, and from what I understand, those players will be drafted first--so long as they have not been chosen by anyone else. Hmmm, maybe I oughta try a little harder to show up. I understand, and love American football, but fantasy--I think I am in for the school of hard knocks. Ah well, mostly fun with friends. More humiliation to follow.

I also am attempting to start a $1 rebuy on FT called "TheBenjover" at 10 pm eastern on Friday nights, PW TalkingGoat. Don't care who comes or doesn't come, but at least once or twice a month I hope to get enough people to have a good time. Over the past year or so there were a few of us who played in Kat's Donkament (A moment of silence please. . .thank you) and at least once a month, sometimes twice, we got to hang out in teamspeak and cut up while playing. Unfortunately, my dear friend Kat lost the desire to continue that little gem, and I am making an attempt to fill the void. More later.

Monday, August 17, 2009

A Crips Weekend with the Bloods

No, not gangs and certainly not bad people. Let us have no confusion here (other than the natural type that is caused by my pre-alzheimic mind set and my poor typing skill-thus establishing who the crip is).

I got to play some cards with Mr. Bad Blood and a few other friends at the Blood household on Saturday. A portion of the bounty went for the fine cause of breast cancer research.. . .and the breasts were grateful! I certainly had a good time and the camaraderie in itself was well worth the three hour trip from Charleston.

I picked up my good friend the Big Pirate in Columbia and we drove to Greer where we met with 19 other friendly card players. . . some of whom I recognized from my New Year's day sojourn to the same venue. I met some others who were old hats to the venue, but new friends to me. As the tourney wound down, Wes found his way to some cash. Your truly, being very short-stacked, found that AKs was no match for a gigantically stacked 10 7 when a 7 hit the flop. I never caught up and bowed out to finish 6th. I settled in for a little cash game in the kitchen, til finally had to give up the ghost and drive back to Columbia.

Wes was kind enough to allow me to sleep on the sofa, as it was after 1 by the time we arrived in the capital city. My tired old eyes were grateful. I was pleasantly awakened by Hank and Jackson who told me, among other things, they were just about ready to start kindergarten and first grade-respectively, I believe. I believe it was also Hank's birthday, so I am sure they had quite the festive day ahead planned. Either way, they were determined to show me how most of their toys worked. . .you know the kind of toys that bring grumbles from the bear cave that parents like to sleep in until a decent hour has arrived. So, rather than have the boys get into further trouble on my account, I made my graceful exit, and continued my trek home to the holy city. It was there in my home sweet home where my lovely bride awaited with loving and satisfied arms, having had a rare night (without the bastard) to spend with her BF. All I had to do was extend the courtesy of a warning call home before i got there. . .it always embarrasses him when I walk in on them.. . .and after all, he is only taking pressure off of me. hehe.

I think I shall stop for now, for my twisted humor may yet get me into trouble with those who do not understand. . .ahhh wtf, joke 'em if the can't take a f. . .

Til next time. . . Ya'll come back now, ya hear!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Five Months??

I was visiting the blog of a friend who shall remain nameless, and I noticed that he had a list of blogs which he follows that has a meter that tells you when that person last posted. I noticed it said that I had not posted in five months. This can't be true. I believe it to be much longer, for I have forgotten what it is like to post on the internet. I do not know what it is to type out little things about ones life and love and family and work and put them out there for others to read. Therefore, I shall post today so that I will not have the dreaded "Last Post: Five Months ago!!!" sign next to my name. I will also be playing cards in Cemfred's Skillz game tonight and hopefully I will see some friends.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Further Musings of a Slacker

Sometimes words on a page do not convey the intended effect that they have in the mind when they are written. To the extent that one is able to convey ideas, emotions, humor, humility, hubris, etc., when intended, he is successful at his endeavor. Yesterday, I sought to shed hubris, embrace humility, and give grateful homage to friends who are appreciated while enjoying a little self effacing humor. There was not one inkling of self pity in what I wrote. As much as anything, I was attempting to motivate myself to make a renewed effort to write.

It is the season of the BBT, but you won't read about that here. I will suffer my bad beats in silence, and you will suffer my donkey suckouts however you wish. In the end there will be only one winner. My goal is to make the best decision I can-not go out on stupid plays. If I am successful at that, it does not eliminate the problems caused by not catching cards or (the much worse problem) catching second best cards. If some one pays for all seven, they get to play all seven. We all vote with our chips. Sometimes our candidate is the set that falls to the straight, and sometimes we back the dark horse pair of 7's that hold out against all odds. Either way, my goal is to have fun, make friends, and win more than I lose. The first two goals I know I can achieve.

Thanks for stoppin by. . .

Come back and see us now, ya hear.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Life in the Slack Lane

Over the past month I have been a slack, lazy degenerate. If you don't believe me, ask my wife. The dear soul puts up with a lot. So much so that when she dies, she gets to by-pass the traffic lane and go directly to the front of the line. Well, that is if she is going somewhere that the front of the line is the kind of place one would like to be. On the other hand, if she is going to one of those "other" places, she will be allowed to lollygag in the back of the line for as long as is necessary for the powers that be to forget about her and send her to the other line out of shear bureaucratic inefficiency. Such are the advantages of loving a slack ass, as she loves me.

I must say there is really no one area in my life where I have excelled more than any other in slackatude. I have not written, I have not read. I have no idea what is going on in the lives of the writers of more than a few of the blogs that I used to happily follow. There are lots of people out there that really write marvelously talented musings almost every week, if not several times a week. I have been lucky enough to make friends with a few of them. And while there are others who I can't quite call friend yet. . .yet being the key word. . ., it is only a matter of time before friendship will break out. To paraphrase Will Rogers- I haven't met a poker blogger I didn't like. Either way, I have read almost nothing for the last month, left no comments, made no new friends. . .Truly, If I had a conscience, I'd feel guilty about now.

I have no delusions. If I stopped blogging and playing poker tomorrow, there would be few if any who would miss me. Other than my nominal contributions to whatever tourney I am playing at the moment, I just aint that important. However I do write something so that I can be, or at leasr feel, a part of. . a friend among. . .a player in the company of. . .this nice little community of poker players who like to read and write and play. It allows me at it's best to not take myself so damn seriously, while I get to put faces and names and personalities and lives. At it's worst, I get to expound a little self indulgent ignorance for the world to ignore.

There are several folks who write regularly that I am very grateful to read. I am mentioning a few because they pop to mind as I type. . .there are more. . I promise. If I forget to name you, please realize that early onset Alzheimer's is not a pretty thing. If you have read anything I ever typed, you know how fond I am of the Tuck Fards (true and honorary), Bam Bam, Lee, Suzy, Don Baywolf, Memphis Mojo, Cemfredmd and all the others who take time to show up there even once in a while. They are a friendly group.. . . Who has not played there and not felt welcome? It really is refreshing. There is also the crew at BDR, not least of which is Buddy himself. Witty, entertaining, not a bad poker player, humble, and always fun to listen to. Joanada, Numbbono, Rambler, Scotty Mc, OhCaptin, Katitude, Pushmonkey, Brainmc among the others I have met there, are all nice folks, all add up to give these faceless on line tourney's the feel of a home game.

Who hasn't read read Julius Goat and split their sides laughing from time to time, or been able to take a step back when needed to realize how not to take ourselves too seriously- sometimes all in the same post. If you want to read some one with some genuine insight into the game and an art for putting it down in a way that is fun to read, there are more than enough true poker bloggers out there, but Emptyman is as good or better than most. Then there are the genuinely nice people, really talented writers or just plain interesting reads whether they write about poker or not, like Katitude, Oh Captain, Big Pirate and Lightning.

I write because you folks make my life a little nicer when when I get to read what you have to say. I write to give back in some small little way. Hell, let's face it. I'm the guy who writes and makes most people say, "Jeez, what a load of crap. I can do way better than that without even trying." Thus, inspiration is served!!!

I haven't had the chance to say this lately but. . .

Thanks for stoppin by, ya'll come back now, ya hear.

Monday, February 2, 2009

WOW, Check it out

Royal frush, eh?? My only comment was "Thank you sir, may I have another?" As much as I hate O8, I love 7hl. Not that I play 7hl any better, but I tolerate the variances a little better. I can't play it for cash. I get killed. But I do like playing it in tourneys. And now, the TFII is featuring 7hl as it's game in the second hour. I ended up finishing third. My attention span was severely hampered by the return of heroes. Admittedly the show is lacking from it's past glory, but I keep hoping . . .

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Equal Opportunity H8

The opportunity to H8 O8 presented itself once again last evening. And while I was enjoying the TF crew's hospitality, I actually finished 2d in the O8 portion. Whilst over in the nlhe section, I struggled with a variety of decent starting cards that mostly never connected. I did have the luck to hang in while mostly nursing a small sized stack, and I did eventually catch AA, ran it into Carson's 66, and can only presume I lost. The O8 screen popped up, I made my play while the nlhe screen disappeared, as it is apt to do when the wrong buttons are chosen and a tourney ends for this participant. I figured out how to fix that problem though. Now, I could concentrate on a game I really dislike. heh. I waltzed into a 2d place finish in O8, winning with hands that had no right to win, and losing with hands that had no right to lose, but as is the case every week, having a better time than I deserved to have. Thanks everybody!!! (And yes, I still h8 O8)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I h8 O8

The game kills me. I am not much (any) better am OH. It does not seem to matter what the flop is, you can never be comfortably ahead. Even worse, you can have a scooping hand that gets scooped. I am pathetic at it. I fold top two pair to watch bottom two pair take the pot. I call with A2346, and trip 6's to watch A2345 put me on the rail. I h8 the game, but on Monday nights at the Tuckfard I and the Tuckfard II, I love the the company. Anyhow, I plead with the poker gods to convince Carson to change the format of the TFII back to HORSE, but however my plea is received, it shall not stop me from showing up. I was the bubble boy in the TFI, and the bitch boy in the TFII. I still didn't have a better time playing anywhere else on the net. Next week, I shall return!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Soooper Bowl

The Arizona Cardinals in the Super Bowl. Unbelievable. The list of teams who have never been to the Super Bowl is shrinking. Hmm, that would be: New Orleans, Detroit, Cleveland Browns (more on that) Jacksonville and Houston. Considering that the Cardinals have been the most inept franchise over the past 60 years, well, I would have picked anyone else on the list to have made it to the Super Bowl before the Cardinals.

New Orleans has been pretty bad, but they have been to the playoffs quite a few times over the last 20 years. They don't quite seem to be the hapless franchise they were when Archie Manning was their QB. Their lack of success was by no means a slight on Archie. He made a couple of Pro Bowls, despite the miasma of the rest of the team.

While Detroit has made it to the record books for over more nefarious reasons of late, they do have some history. Ancient history, but history none the less. They played in four championship games and won three in the 50's. Interesting enough, all four of those games were played against the Cleveland Browns. The real Cleveland Browns-more on that in a moment. Anyhow, they have made the playoffs nine times since their last championship season (1957). However, they only have one playoff victory, and no Super Bowl.

Cleveland/Baltimore has some history too. They had some great success in the late 40's though early 60's. Cleveland Browns--you know, the team that resides in Baltimore now and calls itself the Ravens. The present Cleveland Browns are an expansion team and like Jacksonville and Houston, don't have enough history behind them to worry yet.

I did not think the Cardinals had a chance against Atlanta or Carolina, and they handled them both pretty easily. I think if Philly had woken up a little earlier yesterday, they might be in the big game themselves. However, when my teams are staying home, it is nice to have a decided underdog to pull for. It will be nice if the game is close along the nature of the past ten years, and not a boring rout, ala the Super Bowls of the late 80's through the 90's.

In the 1970's, when Pittsburgh first made the playoffs, much less the big game, hey had a track record for futility much like that of the Cardinals, maybe even worse. They beat the Vikings in their first Superbowl, and have never looked back since. No way the Cardinals win. . .but if they did, it would kind of be poetic to do against a team that was once as inept as they.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Where slot machines and poker meet

What the hey?? It might be fun again. Not many better ways to try to dump a hundred dimes in an hour. Gonna be a turbo this time, so it wont take til dawn. CYA there!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

This is where I ended up last night in a $10 mtt on ft. It is actually the third final table I have made in the last three weeks, so I cannot complain. This is my first experiment with screen capture software, so bare with me here. Anyhow, it seemed to be a nice roi, and I did have fun. Hell, who doesn't have fun when they are winning. there was one notable hand when I went AI with QQ. I got called by KQ who had me covered. K on the flop, case Q on the river. He had the nerve to call me lucky, lol. Ya think??? WTF was doing calling off most of his stack with a KQ? This little tard never does anything like that, lol. No, but my carcass rests on the floor of many an mtt or sng where I did just that. I actually finished in 3d. I highlighted the name of the man who would most likely have been my father, lol.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Warrior Stock

This one is for the family. My nephew, Conor, played football this past fall in Germany. No-not soccer, but football. He was the starting linebacker, and the second string quarterback, for is team. I have mentioned before that he does not yet know the limitations of being from a stock of warriors who rarely reach the upside of 5'6", so he, along with probably half of his team mates, is one day going to play major college football for the USC Gamecocks, the Florida Gators, Texas Longhorns, or whatever college team -fill in the blank- savvy enough to request his services. They also have plans to play pro-football after going high in the draft, and to lead their team to Superbowl glory. Ahhh, the exuberant enthusiasm and optimism of youth. Above, the young field general is behind center and ready to march his team to pay dirt.

Conor is on the left in the above picture. He and his team mate, Kyle, are obviously deep in discussions over how to motivate their fellow warriors and coming up with strategies to defeat the weekly foe that stands in their path.
By the way, they finished with only one loss, and would have won the championship if such an award was given. So congrats to the Heidelberg football team, and congrats to Conor and his team mates!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Interesting Hand

I try not to post about things that I am not qualified to talk about, but I had an interesting hand the other night in the Midnight Madness on FT. In the BB I have A3. There is a min raise in early position with three callers, so I jump on board for the ride. Flop comes 533, so i decide to slow play and, check. UTG (low stack) goes AI, next guy call, the other two fold, and I shove.
Number two calls. UTG has KQ s, but number two has pocket 55. I feel sunk. Turn arrives and a 3 hits the board. Lots of WTF's from number two, but I am amazed.. . in shock. I have a heart attack, fall on the floor, die, and now I play and post from a different realm. I have had this type of thing happen to me, but very rarely for me. I had a fair stack at that point, immediately went card dead, and limped to the cash. Would have been a shame not to at least cash with after all that.