Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Blind Donkey Finds a Carrot

Well last night I played in the Skillz razz game. For those of y0u who are somewhat a follower of this series, I have suggested that Chip change the name to the Pirate Lawyer Open. He obviously runs goot there. Of course Lightning36 is there to make a case for anything that PL leaves unclaimed. Which leads me to last nights little miracle. I signed up for the razz game and, lo and behold, I too it down. I am not by any means extolling my skill in the Skillz series or any other tourney, game or facsimile thereof. However, last week I was lucky enough to finish third to the esteemed gentlemen that I have aforementioned, and this week in their absence I also was able to finish ahead of the rest of the very worthy field of runners. Winning is nice. Carrots taste good. Thanks for hosting, Chip. And if PL and Lightning want to take off a few more weeks. . .nah, I wont even say that in jest.

Thanks for stoppin by, ya'll come back now, ya hear!

Thursday, December 25, 2008


There are presents to be exchanged, rib roast to be eaten, and naps to be taken. The Solstice has occurred and the Sun returns. The tree is in the corner and the wood spirits are warmed. Santa has been here and joy is being spread in the Mitchum household. From our house to yours, Merry Christmas!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008


Last night I was a poker slut, as I am apt to be from time to time, and tonight you will find me donking with friends. . . and friends don't let friends donk alone. So join us, if your stuck in the snow, with no where to go. And don't use the excuse that the bankroll is low, for it's only $3.50 + .50, don't you know. There'll be lots of good friends, and lots of good cheer, so pull up a seat and grab you a beer.

Now I have been reading lots of blogs about people being stuck in lots of places due to extreme cold, snow, and general bad weather. I feel your pain. I can relate. It was so cold at my house on Friday, I had to turn the air conditioning up a couple a degrees. 78 degrees in the middle of December. Damn, that's tough weather, but somebody has to put up with it. I am gonna be a trooper, put out the stiff upper lip, and face this thing with stoic resolve, with my friends at the TFI and TFII.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Day Two

Day two started with breakfast at the IP, not great, not bad. . .it is kind of hard to screw up bacon, eggs and toast. I made my way back to my room, and was pleasantly pleased to be introduced to Maudie by Kat as they went out to explore the various sites that they had planned. At 2 several of us met at the IP and headed of to this place. That's Pirate Lawyer in the foreground. The little round munchkin in the background would be some one to avoid. The pinball machines and the videos were definitely a reminder of my misspent youth. But, eventually it was time to leave and make our way toward the events of our misspent present. . .mixed games at the MGM. Before the festivities began, I had a nice dinner with Zeem and CaApril. Once the mixed games started, The Doc, Alan, and Fallstaff where in rare form. Every street was capped just for grins and giggles for at least the first three orbits. I don't think I got involved in a hand for 30 minutes. I just sat back and watched. My patience was rewarded, as by the time I left the the table I was up almost two fifty to the positive. I also got to meet Linda, the godmother of bloggers, and Drizz, in addition to Fallstaff and some other fine players and bloggers.

Monday, December 15, 2008

What A Blast: day 1

A great time was had by this blogger in V.mecca. I met some fun people, nice people. I figure the only friends I did not make were the ones I did not have the opportunity to meet or to talk to more than just a cursory hello. I have a special place in my heart from this weekend for Kat. She was my roomie and my intro to this my first blogger event. We met at the airport and shared a cab to the IP. After checking in, we made our way down to the Geisha bar where I was delighted to meet the likes of OhCaptain and OhCountess, who were the nicest people you would ever want to meet anywhere at anytime,; Buddy Dank and Joanada were just as much fun in person as they are on the radio. I got to speak with Pauly, who was holding court with Derek, Rooster, and Iggy, which was definitely a treat for me.

I then made my way over to the poker room for poker schizophrenia, or as some people call it, 8 game. It's all the HORSE games, plus baduggi, 2-7 triple draw, and O high. Even the dealers were confused. But I met some more nice folk, the least of which was not the good Dr. Chako, Zeem, PokerPrincess, CK, and Alan. I knew better than to sit down, but I could not resist the opportunity to meet over our shared hobby. Now, it was 3 in the morning east coast, and I was tired in addition to my normal stupidity at mixed games, but mission was accomplished, and a good time ensued. The high light hand: Zeem hit quad 7's in Razz--like that shit is only supposed to happen on line. The highlight event: just meeting everyone. After some fun and my innitial donation was spent, I made my way to bed. (about 5:30 eastern). . .more later.

Sometomes I feel like a 10 watt bulb in a 60 watt world....Now, my friend BamBam has has shed a little "light" on my situation, and it is all becoming a little bit clearer. I am tired and am just getting back into the swing of things, so I am just putting out a few words for the moment to invite any and all who happen to stumble through this blogomorphic post to the Tuckfard I and/or Tuckfard II, it is the funnest home game on the net. Please stop by and join us. If you cant make it this week, stop by any time. You cannot have more fun for less money, or even more money for more fun, or no fun for no money, or all money for all fun.. .this light speed thing is really making me dizzy right now. . .I'm gonna stop typing and hit post, But I sure hope to see you at:
Tuckfards I and Tuckfards II, starting at 7pm and 8pm eastern tonight (Monday). The first game id NLHE, the 2d is O8. The PW to each is my middle name: donkey. If you tell them I sent you, it will only cost you $3.50 to enter, Other than that you will have to pay the full price, which includes laughter and fun. Being a smart ass is not required, but it does get you points. See you there!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

On Mercy, Justice and Luck

The range of Luck says anyone can win at anytime. This is the case most anytime I win. Justice, a concept which has little to do with poker, nonetheless makes me believe if I get my cards in good more times that not, I will win more times that not- Bwaaahhhaaahhhaa to that BS. I need to develop way more game to even begin to think about that concept.

Mercy, though, that is a concept that I seem to be running on of late. I absolutely love playing cards with the Tuckfards on Monday nights. If I had to give up all other play, I could begrudgingly do so, as long as I could play with the Tuckfardian knights of the land up north. Recently, the TFII was changed from a HORSE format, to an O8 format. Personally, I miss the HORSE, and hate the O8. Just don't care for O8, personal preference. On that note, I would probably play Old Maid if that were the Tuckfardian choice for a tournament format. It is always that much fun to hang out with BamBam, Carson, Suzy-Q, TGL, Memphis Mojo, Cemfredmd, DonK, RedneckTF, Baywolfe, and anyone else I am missing which I beg your pardon for not mentioning. This is a fun group. No two ways about it.

Now back to the mercy concept. Mercy- basically giving some one grace when they don't deserve it. Certainly, like justice, a concept that should be foreign to the poker table. But it is the only thing I can think of that allowed me to pull out a win in the TFII, O8 tourney last night knowing that I hate the game and really don't feel comfortable playing it.

Either that, or the poker gods do what they do only to torture me later.:

Devil on my left shoulder: You can win this anytime, you did it once, you can do it again. It is your natural born right to be good at something.
Angel on my right shoulder: Stay humble don't set yourself up for disappointment tilt.

D: Don't listen to that dipshit. Don't worry that you don't know shit about O8, or most other online poker tourneys for that matter. . .you are a natural, push, push, push.
A: Oh this is not gonna be pretty.. . .
(bet, raise, pot, call, get all chips in with a turned nut straight, and a nut low draw, only to see it pair the 3 on the board giving a boat to the opponent and no low split)
D: Bwahahaha, Gigli is not good enough for you, fool, you knew you hated this game before you started listening to me, bwahahaha.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Bounty Obtained

I have my bounty for the Saturday tourney, and I have lots of little knick-knack gifts for the friends I have made over the past year and even a few in anticipation of those I will meet when I get there. It is in the spirit of the event. The only thing left to do is get on the plane and go. So. . .Vmecca here I come. Every card player has to make the pilgrimage once in his life, and this is mine. This is really kind of wild on one end, I remember a time before the internet, a time before computers, a time before meeting all of these people would have been possible. I was speaking to another on line friend tonight. We both came to the conclusion that we are pretty lucky people, we bloggers. To my current friends, and my future friends, salude. Win lose or draw, you have again made me the luckiest man I know.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Next Week

At this time next week, I like many other people a/k/a poker bloggers, will be in Vegas. I look forward to putting faces to friends that I either only know from reading their blogs or seeing them accross the table, or having talked to them on line. There is quite the variety of personalities out there. Me, I am basically along for the ride, and am enjoying every moment of it.

While I dont play or write particularly well, I do have fun. Every once in a while I string together enough cards to put together a decent enough run to keep my bankroll funded. Extreemly low stakes with the occassional step up into the next level, with varying degrees of success. As for my writing ability, well. . .I occassionally can say something humorous enough to bring a chuckle, or at least a smile. Even more rarely I can convey an idea that might actually have some meaning beyond the mundane sentence and word structure that occupies this space. I really try to stay away from blogging about any particular poker stratagy or hand as I feel like people should probably not talk about things they aren't qualified to. To be quite honest the on line game still leaves me cluless a lot of times, and my writing skills, well. . .no one is ever gonna pay me to put word to paper.

That being said, by simply attempting to participate in both of these activities over the last year I have received way more than I have given. I have had the pleasure to meet some nice people, interesting people, arrogant people, sweet people, cynical people, genuine people, assholes, reprobates, soldiers and saints over the last year of playing poker and trying to maintain this blog. Each one of them have their own special charm. And I look forward to meeting all and any of them of them next week.