Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Still Old, no longer Undefeated

WooHoo!! I got crushed in Fantasy Football last week. My no one receiver was scratched before the game and I missed it. Duh! Then my number one running back went out with an injury in the first series. K Sarah, Sarah It was fun as hell to brag about being undefeated, somethig I can't do anymore. But. . .I am still old bitches!!! and there aint nobody can take that away from me- injury or not. Ha ha!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Congrats, Best Wishes, and Happy Nuptials

Our good friends, Ben and Joanne got married today. I want to be one of many who wish them the best of love and life. It has been my fine privilege to be able to get to know and be able to call these two fine people my friends. I had hoped to travel to IA for the celebration, however, I could not quite justify the expense as this has not been the best year, economically. My thoughts and hopes are there as they begin their wonderful journey together. Best wishes, my friends!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Old(er), but Undefeated

Since I last posted I have passed a couple of milestones. On September 14--I reached the ripe old age of 49. I never thought I would live that long. Man, there was a time in life when 49 wasn't old. . . not because it was not old, but because it wasn't even on the horizon after birthdays that I considered to be old. Then, there was the mythological age of 49: wisdom would have been attained; unmet desires and heartbreaks would no longer haunt the soul; pain would be a distant memory; the world would have long been conquered; and perfect balance in life and love would have been reached. How these mythological states where to be accomplished are even more cloudy now than they were then- and I don't even partake in the cloud enhancement program anymore. Anyhow, I am 49, alive, unburdened by fairy tale existence (other than being married to the most wonderful lady in the whole world), and not feeling nearly as old as I imagined a younger me would have suffered through.

Second, I have played in my first two Fantasy Football Games. I can say now--something I will never, ever (probably) be able to say about anything else in my life: I am undefeated. . . for life. Never in my life has anyone ever beat me in fantasy football. I may never, ever win another game (a fate I may have sealed by typing this), but as of today, I am undefeated, Bitches. Even tongue in cheek, that's kind of fun to say.

We had no tourney last week, and probably not this week either, since Ben and Jo are preparing for blissful nuptials. We will probably resume in October. Though, I will sign in for Friday night, just in case.

Tourney: Benjover
Place/time: FT 10 pm eastern
pw: talkinggoat
game: $1 rebuy

Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday night tourney: second installation

NAME: BenJover

TIME: 10:00 pm Eastern

PLACE: Full Tilt

GAME: 1 +1 rebuy (unlimited for 1st hour) w/ 1 addon

PW: Talkinggoat

Last weeks champion is none other than the Talking Goat himself, Mr. Julius Goat. Now, I have a question that I think every one is dying to know, but afraid to ask. Is Mr. Goat a Mountain Goat, or a Billy Goat?? I have no idea whether our clove hoofed friend will be joining us tonight to answer such questions, but please, stop by and see for yourself. Bring dollars, bring a smart ass attitude, bring curiosity, but mostly bring and take some fun. I have said before, and will say again, I suspect we will have anywhere from 5 to 15 people on any given Friday night, and probably no one will show up any given Friday of the month. No big deal either way.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Brain washing experiment

Kids, stay in school, help your peers to stay in school, take full advantage of your educational opportunities. Parents, tell your kids to go to school and take full advantage of your educational opportunities. Just checking to see if anyone is paying attention.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

BenJover: Inaugural Success

Friday Night was the inaugural Benjover. There were eight runners for a $1 rebuy format. The format was borrowed from my dear friend Kat. While I did not speak to her before ( an unintended slight to which I have sought to make amends), I have spoken to Kat since, and we shall continue for now. I do foresee rotating the format monthly. I would love to get a horse game and a razz game in there, a PLO8/ rebuy, maybe a Stud8. Hmmm, I will wait and see what those who play will want.

The initial winner: None other than the Julius Goat himself. Very nicely done, sir. Skidoo came in second, and Joanada came in third. We had a new runner, BMF420, who finished on the bubble. He fit right, with BuddyDank, Pushmonkey72, Turtle(iaatg) and yours truly. I didn't pull in any cash, but I pulled in some fun. ( ok, ok. . .I was surfing sights which shall remain un-named to fill the void, but we won't go there.) It was nice hanging out with friends on Friday night again.

Anyhow, the name of the game is:

PW: Talkinggoat
Time: 10pm Eastern, Friday nights.
Format (for now): $1 rebuy
Objective: Fun

Next months format: PLO8 (unless it is not)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A First

Yes! This is my very first attempt to participate in a fantasy sports league. (Well, if you don't include any BBT games--certainly a fantasy on my part, heh) That is right though.. . .no fantasy football, no fantasy baseball. . .oops I almost forgot. Hell I obviously forgot, I did sign up for a fantasy British Soccer League, but I gotta be honst, I aint got a clue there. Apologies to my good friend, Wes.

Anyhow, my first draft is tonight, and I might not even be there. I put a bunch of players over on my list, and from what I understand, those players will be drafted first--so long as they have not been chosen by anyone else. Hmmm, maybe I oughta try a little harder to show up. I understand, and love American football, but fantasy--I think I am in for the school of hard knocks. Ah well, mostly fun with friends. More humiliation to follow.

I also am attempting to start a $1 rebuy on FT called "TheBenjover" at 10 pm eastern on Friday nights, PW TalkingGoat. Don't care who comes or doesn't come, but at least once or twice a month I hope to get enough people to have a good time. Over the past year or so there were a few of us who played in Kat's Donkament (A moment of silence please. . .thank you) and at least once a month, sometimes twice, we got to hang out in teamspeak and cut up while playing. Unfortunately, my dear friend Kat lost the desire to continue that little gem, and I am making an attempt to fill the void. More later.