Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Equal Opportunity H8

The opportunity to H8 O8 presented itself once again last evening. And while I was enjoying the TF crew's hospitality, I actually finished 2d in the O8 portion. Whilst over in the nlhe section, I struggled with a variety of decent starting cards that mostly never connected. I did have the luck to hang in while mostly nursing a small sized stack, and I did eventually catch AA, ran it into Carson's 66, and can only presume I lost. The O8 screen popped up, I made my play while the nlhe screen disappeared, as it is apt to do when the wrong buttons are chosen and a tourney ends for this participant. I figured out how to fix that problem though. Now, I could concentrate on a game I really dislike. heh. I waltzed into a 2d place finish in O8, winning with hands that had no right to win, and losing with hands that had no right to lose, but as is the case every week, having a better time than I deserved to have. Thanks everybody!!! (And yes, I still h8 O8)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I h8 O8

The game kills me. I am not much (any) better am OH. It does not seem to matter what the flop is, you can never be comfortably ahead. Even worse, you can have a scooping hand that gets scooped. I am pathetic at it. I fold top two pair to watch bottom two pair take the pot. I call with A2346, and trip 6's to watch A2345 put me on the rail. I h8 the game, but on Monday nights at the Tuckfard I and the Tuckfard II, I love the the company. Anyhow, I plead with the poker gods to convince Carson to change the format of the TFII back to HORSE, but however my plea is received, it shall not stop me from showing up. I was the bubble boy in the TFI, and the bitch boy in the TFII. I still didn't have a better time playing anywhere else on the net. Next week, I shall return!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Soooper Bowl

The Arizona Cardinals in the Super Bowl. Unbelievable. The list of teams who have never been to the Super Bowl is shrinking. Hmm, that would be: New Orleans, Detroit, Cleveland Browns (more on that) Jacksonville and Houston. Considering that the Cardinals have been the most inept franchise over the past 60 years, well, I would have picked anyone else on the list to have made it to the Super Bowl before the Cardinals.

New Orleans has been pretty bad, but they have been to the playoffs quite a few times over the last 20 years. They don't quite seem to be the hapless franchise they were when Archie Manning was their QB. Their lack of success was by no means a slight on Archie. He made a couple of Pro Bowls, despite the miasma of the rest of the team.

While Detroit has made it to the record books for over more nefarious reasons of late, they do have some history. Ancient history, but history none the less. They played in four championship games and won three in the 50's. Interesting enough, all four of those games were played against the Cleveland Browns. The real Cleveland Browns-more on that in a moment. Anyhow, they have made the playoffs nine times since their last championship season (1957). However, they only have one playoff victory, and no Super Bowl.

Cleveland/Baltimore has some history too. They had some great success in the late 40's though early 60's. Cleveland Browns--you know, the team that resides in Baltimore now and calls itself the Ravens. The present Cleveland Browns are an expansion team and like Jacksonville and Houston, don't have enough history behind them to worry yet.

I did not think the Cardinals had a chance against Atlanta or Carolina, and they handled them both pretty easily. I think if Philly had woken up a little earlier yesterday, they might be in the big game themselves. However, when my teams are staying home, it is nice to have a decided underdog to pull for. It will be nice if the game is close along the nature of the past ten years, and not a boring rout, ala the Super Bowls of the late 80's through the 90's.

In the 1970's, when Pittsburgh first made the playoffs, much less the big game, hey had a track record for futility much like that of the Cardinals, maybe even worse. They beat the Vikings in their first Superbowl, and have never looked back since. No way the Cardinals win. . .but if they did, it would kind of be poetic to do against a team that was once as inept as they.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Where slot machines and poker meet

What the hey?? It might be fun again. Not many better ways to try to dump a hundred dimes in an hour. Gonna be a turbo this time, so it wont take til dawn. CYA there!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

This is where I ended up last night in a $10 mtt on ft. It is actually the third final table I have made in the last three weeks, so I cannot complain. This is my first experiment with screen capture software, so bare with me here. Anyhow, it seemed to be a nice roi, and I did have fun. Hell, who doesn't have fun when they are winning. there was one notable hand when I went AI with QQ. I got called by KQ who had me covered. K on the flop, case Q on the river. He had the nerve to call me lucky, lol. Ya think??? WTF was doing calling off most of his stack with a KQ? This little tard never does anything like that, lol. No, but my carcass rests on the floor of many an mtt or sng where I did just that. I actually finished in 3d. I highlighted the name of the man who would most likely have been my father, lol.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Warrior Stock

This one is for the family. My nephew, Conor, played football this past fall in Germany. No-not soccer, but football. He was the starting linebacker, and the second string quarterback, for is team. I have mentioned before that he does not yet know the limitations of being from a stock of warriors who rarely reach the upside of 5'6", so he, along with probably half of his team mates, is one day going to play major college football for the USC Gamecocks, the Florida Gators, Texas Longhorns, or whatever college team -fill in the blank- savvy enough to request his services. They also have plans to play pro-football after going high in the draft, and to lead their team to Superbowl glory. Ahhh, the exuberant enthusiasm and optimism of youth. Above, the young field general is behind center and ready to march his team to pay dirt.

Conor is on the left in the above picture. He and his team mate, Kyle, are obviously deep in discussions over how to motivate their fellow warriors and coming up with strategies to defeat the weekly foe that stands in their path.
By the way, they finished with only one loss, and would have won the championship if such an award was given. So congrats to the Heidelberg football team, and congrats to Conor and his team mates!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Interesting Hand

I try not to post about things that I am not qualified to talk about, but I had an interesting hand the other night in the Midnight Madness on FT. In the BB I have A3. There is a min raise in early position with three callers, so I jump on board for the ride. Flop comes 533, so i decide to slow play and, check. UTG (low stack) goes AI, next guy call, the other two fold, and I shove.
Number two calls. UTG has KQ s, but number two has pocket 55. I feel sunk. Turn arrives and a 3 hits the board. Lots of WTF's from number two, but I am amazed.. . in shock. I have a heart attack, fall on the floor, die, and now I play and post from a different realm. I have had this type of thing happen to me, but very rarely for me. I had a fair stack at that point, immediately went card dead, and limped to the cash. Would have been a shame not to at least cash with after all that.