Thursday, December 27, 2007

Weekly giberish

I have been playing in quite a few blogger tourney's of late on FT. I won a small one last week, finished 4th in the Mookie last nite. Ha, Last night was on of those magic nights--up until the end, anyway-- Everything I played turned to gold. It made me sloppy in the end though. With 4 left, and having an almost 2-1 chip lead on the field, I went AI with a A7 against a A4--lost. Very next hand I caught pocket 10's, jumped AI and ran into AA. Oh well, it was a fun run. It was way too late, I was way too tired, and the lucky run was way too much fun to try to over analyze how I might have avoided such a fate. Suffice it to say, my hat is off to King of Kings. The more I think about it, I am impressed by his heart in the way he played the A4 in the hand that set up my demise. Good job!!!

Friday, December 21, 2007

A proper sacrifice rewarded. . .

After stinking it up Wednesday nite, I actually won a blogger tourney tonite. Of course it was sparsely attended, but winning beats a sharp poke in the. . .then again, I guess it is according to who is on the receiving end of the, uh. . .sorry, I digress.

Anyway, I refuse to turn this into a blow by blow account of bad beats, brilliant plays, or even pretend that I am anything other than a mediocre blogger and a passable poker player.

I have undertaken both of these endeavors for my fun and relaxation. Besides, I don't expect anyone to actually read this, and if they do I don't expect them to admit it.

If you happen to stumble upon this looking for insight, or advice, or, even a theme or other reasons incomprehensible to this child, there are lots of blogs out there that will meet the need. I am awed and impressed by some of what I have read so far in the poker blogger world. . . .and I realize I have only seen a small amount of what is out there.

Hell, I don't even know how to link to or list other blogs to my blog yet or advertisements, or pictures. There must be a soft spot in the techno god's heart for such a silly man.

Of small note, I am enjoying this!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

no wisdom, no luck, and the poker gods have snubbed me.

We all go through stretches of bad luck, bad beats and donkey moves that burn us up. Hell, truth be told, we all cause the same to others. Anyhow, my pp's aren't holding up or catching any help, but my opponents are catching killer sets against my 2pr or high pp. My suited connectors are falling off the face of the earth, making me wonder what the fuck I was dong calling the bb to start with. My bold moves of raising my high pairs and medium pairs are being called and soundly whipped. It makes me feel downright stupid. . .like I don't know hat the hell I am doing. However, I realise, when the luck is running, I am not as good as I think I am. Likewise, when I in the midst of a bad streak of luck, I am not as bad as I think I am.

The real key is not to let my headiness in winning, nor my frustration in losing, to cloud my judgment in evaluating my play. I am not a pro, but I think I am better than most amateurs. I have played a few blogger tourneys over the last 2 weeks. I have cashed only in one. Last night I played in the mookie for the first time. I went out rather unremarkably within the first hour. I caught pocket 7's, 8's 10's Q's and jacks. . which I played and all lost. incidentally, I folded pocket 3'a and pocket 5's , both turned up on the flop and would have held. I became a little snake bit when my QQ lost to KK when nothing higher than 10 fell out on the board. I was a little proud of myself at not losing more than I did on the hand. I eventually went out with a fizzle, when I went ai with AK against AJ. J fell on the river, and I fell into the ether. . .

Poker happens, sometimes the poker gods smile, sometimes they frown. They causeth chips to be distributed and redistributed unto all and from all, sometimes the relative skill, worth, or heart of the particular player has nothing more to contribute to the equation than the flip of a coin.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Poker gods

As I type I am playing in my first blogger tourney. The luck has beem with me, in that my pocket k's held twice. It coulda been done real early. I was dealt qq in late position. My pot bet was called by the button. I pushed AI on a jj7 flop, thinking I was ahead. Little did I know, I was getting called by pocket 7's. Got lucky and caught another j for a higher boat. After that, my pockets held, and I was able to pickup most of the handa where I started ahead. That takes some luck.

The poker gods giveth and the poker gods taketh, I figure they are just teasing me for now. Either way, I am greatful to have cashed in my first blogger tourney. I think I'll burn a deck in sacrifice.

I ended up finishing 7th- not bad for first tourney in a while.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


I have not published much, as I have been reading a lot of other blogs, and am quite enjoying reading. I also do not have this figured out yet. I am too old for this to come naturally, so I plod along. Besides, I am realistic and honest--no one is reading this unless they have stumbled here by mistake.

Some of the writing I have read is very good, some of it is extremely good. Most of the topics are interesting, and even if not well thought out by the blogger, gives pause for thought by the reader. I do not even pretend to be so literate or articulate. I will never be able to type fast enough to publish like many of the bloggers that I have come to admire. And it is not just the poker blogges. I have found a lot of interesting writers by mistake.

But one day I will have enough in my bankroll to play at a blogger's tournament on FTP. My online account has been teasing me. First it said funds would be available last Wednesday, then this Wednesday, now, this Thursday. Who knows. . . .maybe one day I will play in a Blogger's Tourney. I do look forward to such an event.

Regardless, I ma limiting myself to one hour a day on this and time is u. . . .Life is Good!!!!