Saturday, March 29, 2008

I am a Donkey

I finally cashed in a Blogger event again. It has been an almost 3 month hiatus from such a blessed event. I won Kat's Donkament. . . So I guess that makes me. . . .Donkey of the Week. LOL. I have played in this event about a half dozen times in the past 4 months and never cashed. It's a lot of fun, and I enjoy reading the comments as the conversation and banter are usually lively and humorous.

I generally take the loose donkey approach the first hour (doesn't everybody) and try to tighten up the second (if I make it to the second, haha). Last night I went in with a different approach. . . tight from the start. I never bought more than 1000 chips, and I only re-bought 3 times, plus the add on. I don't know if it was sound strategy, or total lack of confidence. Either way, it worked out to my lucky, donkey benefit, and I remain humble to think that I actually won.

Thanks to Kat for hosting this event.

Monday, March 24, 2008


Honesty: the quality of dealing truthfully with ones self and others.

We can BS others--to a certain extent. And the game of poker lends itself to the best liar, only we call it the bluff. There is one absolute. The poker player who wants to be successful has got to have a degree of self honesty. If I am steady leaking and trying to blame it on bad beats, I am probably lying to myself. Even in executing a bluff, there has to be the self realization that if it may not work.

At the end of November I began playing poker in blogger events hoping to honestly assess my ability to play this game in a tournament structure with others who either knew what they were doing or at least seriously wanted to learn the game and apply that learning. Right now, I think I should attempt an honest assessment of my game.

On the positive side: I do love the game, I still love the game, and I am the best player at my weekly home game. (there are a lot of best players at their weekly home games that fill the cemeteries of wannabe poker players. ) For the first month I did well. I cashed a couple of times and felt generally good about my game. I quadrupled my modest initial investment in the first six weeks. I moved up in my limits and quickly shared my good fortune with others who were oh so happy to relieve me of my gains. Yet, I have maintained control over my bankroll. In fact, that has always been a strength. I have played in a home game for over twenty five years. I have gone years without leaking. That was not always the case, and there were some years where I leaked steady. I have never missed a mortgage payment, never missed any payment or lost sight of what was important in life.

I began reading other blogs and I began the exercise of attempting to write a blog myself. The honest fact is I am no writer. Ha! I can barely type.

In the 4 months plus that I have been doing this, I have put in more money than I have taken out. Not a lot, but nonetheless, I am not building a bankroll as I wished or envisioned when I started. Therefore I must decide if what I am putting in is a worthwhile tuition fee. It has taken a bit of adjustment to get comfortable with which tournaments, and which cash games I am most comfortable and competent. I have found a ton of weaknesses in my game. I had almost recouped what I put in in January and February, however I played stupid on Saturday and put back a little more than I wished to. I went into a tilt cycle, but I got out faster than I have in the past.

Mostly I have found that my mental aspect (tilt factor??) is not where I would like it to be. I have taken to following some advise that I have seen in more than one book and more than one blog. When playing on line, I try to limit the boredom, the distractions, and the fatigue.

I played in the MATH last Monday night, and I did not do partcularly well. However, I really never caught any cards. I tried a few plays when I had good starting cards but my flops totally missed me. A, Face in my hand brought low sooted flops. medium pairs brought A Face flops. I invariably took shots at the pot, but more than once was shot down by strong raises. I know I was pushed off of some winners, but I let go of some losers. Basically, as I read back over what I have written, what I seem to be experiencig is a lack of confidence.

I P\played in the Skillz on Tuesday. RAZZ was the game. I think I had pocket pairs over 30% in the first hour. I know for the first two hours I had to bring in almost twice as much as anyone else at my table. Despite this, I made it to 41st. I take a little pride in what I believe was making the most out of what I was dealt-or not dealt, lol.

I played in the MOOKIE on Wednesday. I was in third early in the second hour, but I could not maintain and went out again in the 40's. I do not think I played very well, but it was the first time in a few months that I found myself with any chips. I did not manage them well, but hopefully I learned something I can apply later.

I have observed some very talented play, talented writers, and friendly banter. In Poker I give myself a C-. In Blogging I give myself a D. There is room for improvement in the poker. The blogging my be hopeless.

Monday, March 17, 2008

MATH night

And what a difference a week does make. I feel a little more confident in my game. Of course this "confidence" doesn't particlarly guarantee a result, but it is something to build on.
My new mantra:
patience.. .ommm. . . .patience. . . .ommm. . . patience

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Bubble out

My last two blogger tourneys have seen me go out from 1 to 4 seats before cashing. Saturday I signed up at Pokerstarz so I could play in Dr. Pauly's tourney. I finished one place out of the cash. The game was PLO. The good of it is it took some patience to get there.

In the past couple of months, I have found myself in a myriad of situations that have led to early exits in blogger events. Either it was too late, and I should not have signed up to start with; or I have been playing in cash games at the same time and doing well enough not to want leave the table. Either way, I have not had the concentration necessary, nor have I had the patience to keep myself out of the less than optimal positions in the tournament play.

I have read in more than one place--If you want to throw money away, play on multiple tables at the same time. There are those who can do this, however, I am not one of them. I am not the exception to the rule, I am the rule.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

patience. . .patience. . . . . . . .patience

I try not to be serious and anyone reading my goop should not take me too seriously. I am serious when I say I have had a bit of an epiphany about poker and patience. Sometimes I got it . . . sometimes I don't. There is a direct correlation between patience and my poker play. Not only having the patience to wait for optimal cards, but the patience to shake off a bad beat without putting myself on tilt. . . .the patience to get up and walk away fro a bad run before it becomes a disastrous run. The patience to be disciplined enough not to play on line when I am distracted, bored, or tired.

I have had some very good luck with PLO H/L of late. For the longest time the game confused me. Then I came to understand good starting hands, and position, but after the flop I was lost. Bad beats put me on tilt and I did not have a clue. However, all of a sudden (or maybe not so suddenly) it is like the blinders have been lifted and I see.

For the longest time I have had an empty knowledge. It was like I knew the principals, but I could not apply the principals. It has definitely made a difference in my bankroll. Very small as it is by most of the standards I see and read about, but it is growing and more importantly I am managing it. I know I still have a lot to learn about the game, but I feel like I am starting to have a clue.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Words and Cards and Fools Gold

I have two new goals today:

1. I am gonna get some cards--not just any cards either. I am gonna get some good cards. Then I am gonna play them smart. I am gonna play them crafty. I am gonna turn them into gold.

2. I am gonna get some words-not just any words, but some good words. I am gonna make sentences out of those words; then I am gonna make some paragraphs out of those sentences-- not just gibberish paragraphs-- but good paragraphs. Paragraphs that people want to read. Paragraphs that actually describe ideas that people can relate to and maybe even bring a smile to some ones face. I am gonna write ideas that makes the world a better place for some one else who is having a difficult time. I am gonna put those ideas in a book, and I am gonna turn them into gold.

Then again, sometimes I think I am a fool, other times I have to write it out so I can know for sure.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Weekly? or Bi-Monthly??

What the hell do I think I am doing?? I am neither a poker player nor a blogger; however, I play in the blogger tourney's. Sometimes I play smart, sometimes I play dumb as hell. I have taken my share of bad beats lately, but who hasn't??

I will play the MATH tonight with the sole goal of playing smart and aggressive. No Chicken shit plays, but no brain farts either. HAHA, my life is never ending SBD.

Today I propose some one come up with a 1.800 We all take 'em, we all give em. So what makes me special??? Well for one I am the only one that gives a damn when I catch a bad beat, so I am the only one that matters, lol.

For the most part, this is still fun. My play has seemed to settle down to a comfort zone. I play a few SNG's and a few Blogger tourneys. I also like the $1/2 7s hi/lo. When I am feeling adventurous, I play the 2/4. I also seem to do ok in the .10/.25 NLHE. I know these are low stakes for most, but I am in my comfort zone playing those stakes. If I really feel like gambling and cussing at donks, I play in the 90 seat sng 3.3 bounty. Sometimes I play just to watch some really silly plays. I have low blood pressure as a general rule, and sometimes I need something to bring it back up.

Tell me honestly. . .How does this play make you feel when it happens to you??

I sit in late position with JJ, QQ, or 10,10 (take your choice it has happened with all 3). Someone in early position call the BB. I raise 2.5 to 3x the BB. Early caller tags along. Flop comes 3 5 8, or 2 7 9, or 4 5 9, rainbow. Early bird checks, I raise significant amount and get called. . . or even raised enough to set one of us AI. Turns out early bird has AKos, A or K hit on the river. I know, it's poker, it happens, but as a general rule I dont donk my chips around. When this type of thing happens three days in a row I start to question my choice of hobbies. So I have Bitched, and you have been kind enough to comeserate. May all your beats be more merciful than what I have descrbed, and when the A hits on the river, I hope there is one in your hand--unless you are playing me.