Monday, August 17, 2009

A Crips Weekend with the Bloods

No, not gangs and certainly not bad people. Let us have no confusion here (other than the natural type that is caused by my pre-alzheimic mind set and my poor typing skill-thus establishing who the crip is).

I got to play some cards with Mr. Bad Blood and a few other friends at the Blood household on Saturday. A portion of the bounty went for the fine cause of breast cancer research.. . .and the breasts were grateful! I certainly had a good time and the camaraderie in itself was well worth the three hour trip from Charleston.

I picked up my good friend the Big Pirate in Columbia and we drove to Greer where we met with 19 other friendly card players. . . some of whom I recognized from my New Year's day sojourn to the same venue. I met some others who were old hats to the venue, but new friends to me. As the tourney wound down, Wes found his way to some cash. Your truly, being very short-stacked, found that AKs was no match for a gigantically stacked 10 7 when a 7 hit the flop. I never caught up and bowed out to finish 6th. I settled in for a little cash game in the kitchen, til finally had to give up the ghost and drive back to Columbia.

Wes was kind enough to allow me to sleep on the sofa, as it was after 1 by the time we arrived in the capital city. My tired old eyes were grateful. I was pleasantly awakened by Hank and Jackson who told me, among other things, they were just about ready to start kindergarten and first grade-respectively, I believe. I believe it was also Hank's birthday, so I am sure they had quite the festive day ahead planned. Either way, they were determined to show me how most of their toys worked. . .you know the kind of toys that bring grumbles from the bear cave that parents like to sleep in until a decent hour has arrived. So, rather than have the boys get into further trouble on my account, I made my graceful exit, and continued my trek home to the holy city. It was there in my home sweet home where my lovely bride awaited with loving and satisfied arms, having had a rare night (without the bastard) to spend with her BF. All I had to do was extend the courtesy of a warning call home before i got there. . .it always embarrasses him when I walk in on them.. . .and after all, he is only taking pressure off of me. hehe.

I think I shall stop for now, for my twisted humor may yet get me into trouble with those who do not understand. . .ahhh wtf, joke 'em if the can't take a f. . .

Til next time. . . Ya'll come back now, ya hear!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Five Months??

I was visiting the blog of a friend who shall remain nameless, and I noticed that he had a list of blogs which he follows that has a meter that tells you when that person last posted. I noticed it said that I had not posted in five months. This can't be true. I believe it to be much longer, for I have forgotten what it is like to post on the internet. I do not know what it is to type out little things about ones life and love and family and work and put them out there for others to read. Therefore, I shall post today so that I will not have the dreaded "Last Post: Five Months ago!!!" sign next to my name. I will also be playing cards in Cemfred's Skillz game tonight and hopefully I will see some friends.