Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Xmas

I love the term merry "xmas." Anything that gets the religious "right" up in arms can't be all bad. OK, I admit it is a character defect, but I get a perverse pleasure at making people feel uncomfortable by challenging the arbitrary lines of myth and truth, right and wrong, black and white. There is a local group of so called Christians who are taking a perverse joy in calling a local atheist group and harassing them with christian greetings--you know. . ."Merry Christmas, it is my constitutional right to brow beat you with my religious beliefs, so don't hang up on me." One of the local yocal right wing radio hooligans was giving out phone numbers to the "Freedom from religion" group. The so called Christians were bombarding the number and pridefully telling of the guerrilla tactics--basically proving the point for the group--of calling the group and hassling them because they do not wish to be hassled by religious groups. I find it kind of humorous when "Christians" become the persecutors. Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson seemed to be extremely well versed at this type of activity. They must be very proud!


gadzooks64 said...

Big fan of Xmas myself.

And I rarely capitalize christmas. That pisses them off too. :)

I also say 'gawd' and 'gawds' interchangeably.

I guess it comes as no surprise that I don't go to church?

lightning36 said...

I am a churchgoer However, I recognize that so much of the world's strife is caused by extremists of all kinds. I can't understand how people who profess to love God can show so much hatred toward their neighbors.

Sheena said...

i'm sorry you feel that way about christians...i'm also sorry you've witnessed christians not really living up to their name. it's the plague of humanity - we're all sinners.