Friday, March 11, 2011


I feel have done everything for poker blogging that Marv Thornberry has done for Baseball. For those of you who do not know, or do not remember Marv Thornberry, he appeared in several star laden Miller light commercials where jocks, comedians, actors, etc. would be pitted against each other debating whether Miller Light were less filling or tasted great. meh. . . Marv Thornberry, who loosely fit in the category of former jock, was no star, but he was probably brought in for the ordinary man appeal. Anyhow, at the end of one commercial showing the typical mele that generally ensued in these commercials, he makes the comment from the side: "I still don't know why they wanted me to make this commercial." At that point, 999 people out of 999 people probably had no idea either. Eventually he explained who he was, thus the below commercial.

I sit alive in a Survivor tourney, where I have been asking myself from the beginning, "What am I doing here?" My poker skills, if I dare call them that, are marginal. My blogging (I dare not even use the word skill) has become an afterthought of an after thought. I have never seen an episode of survivor, but I gather that this is about making allies.. . friends might not be the right word, but what the hey, lets say making friends. I have spoken to people and made friends with some people I would not have made friends with before or without this. Yet, it is the very nature of this game, that those same friends will turn and put the vote in your back if it gives them the opportunity to make it one more tourney, one more week, with fantasies of a final four or three or two. Me, each tourney I make it without being voted off, I am like Marv.-- I don't know why I am still here. But I am kind of having fun watching the mele.
A Big Thank You to All for the pot sweetener earlier. And Thanks to Goat, Buddy Dank and the crew, too.

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Josie said...

What, no thank you to me? Just cuz I'm from Team Fish and I'm ready to do you harm? lol jk

Only 8 peeps left! Sleep with one eye open!